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I was once called "the old man of The Buzz", I then promptly punched that person in the face.

In their defense, I have been here longer than anyone else. I played the first ever song on The Buzz (Semisonic-Closing Time) back in 1999 and have been here ever since. The bosses have tried and tried to get rid of me, but I won't leave. I love Middle Tennessee too much!

I was born and raised right here in the mid-state and graduated from LaVergne High School. 

The first album I ever bought was Kiss "Rock and Roll Over". A few short years later my stepbrother introduced me to Black Sabbath "Paranoid" and changed my life forever. So I've been rocking since a young age.

Some of the biggest highlights of my time here at The Buzz were interviewing Queensryche and Gene Simmons, then getting to meet Slash at BuzzFest 5. My other biggest highlights would be working with Zigz and Troy Hanson, but not really.

Catch me weekday mornings during The Free Beer & Hot Wings Show!



Black Keys posted the title track from the new album 'Turn Blue.' Sounds awesome! Can't wait for the album. -Hayley http://t.co/U3kdjrc9LY
Deftones issue an unreleased song in honor of Chi Cheng. Great listen. Check it out. -Atticus http://t.co/cOJm4ZYs8k
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