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I'm Eric Black. My friends call me EROCK. I like long walks off of short piers, nude moon bathing and calling all of my old high school teachers to tell them I want to re-take their classes. There has only been 3 fatalities so far.

I took a hiatus for almost 2 years to go explore other opportunities in Los Angeles. Had a great time but needed to come back where people don't throw water bottles at you on the interstate. Ask me about that sometime.

It's good to be back! I've already had some of you say hello! Thanks for that! It's almost as if I never left!

So let's do this Nashville! Maybe I'll see you at an event or show!


RT @cavomusic: If you say "pumpkin spice" in the mirror 3 times, a short blonde girl will appear and tell you how much she loves fall.