Coaches' Sons

It's definitely this time of year, right in the middle of March Madness and the NBA approaching post season, when I become nostalgic for my days on the basketball court.  Big games I played in and teammates I played with in high school come to mind.  

So this one is for all my fellow hoopers out there.  Remember the coach's son?  The one who sometimes was under tremendous pressure being the offspring of the guy directing the team?  Or sometimes the one most parents in the stands said shot the ball WAY too much with his crown of entitlement

Funny allot of coach's sons I played with had an ironic resemblance some physical, some intellectual, some instinctual. 
Physically,  unless you're John Thompson or Phil Jackson, most head coaches are shorter than most players.  So their sons are sometimes shorter.  Hence the guard spot or someone with the ball.   Maybe that's why they pursued coaching.  Once their abilities or height took them to their peak they started the transition into coaching.  That change early on allowed them to gain the necessary experience to head a program.

Having grown up around the game, basketball i.q. is more than likely high.   Most sons wanting to be like their fathers may have similar interests making them heady field-generals on the court. 

Women with husbands who coach know this profession is 24/7 which would make it virtually impossible for thefetus of a coach to not be affected whilst in the womb.  These players are born with Rawlings stamped on their foreheads.  
"The position of coach's son is such a unique situation in the world of athletics.  I found myself  sympathizing for the young men who endured the constant pressure of "doing things the right way!" 
Then there were those who wouldn't pass the ball if it were on fire.  The guy who knows there are no i's in teambut there sure as hell are some m's and e's!
Some coaches didn't know their son was even on the team because he was just another team member.  Showingfavoritism is not something they are capable of doing. 
Other coaches showed little concern about the dribbling exhibition their sons were putting on before shooting from half court.
Your memories from this point of the coach's son will either be fond or funky.  Might be fun to find out if they ever went into coaching after your playing days thus perpetuating the cycle!  Lol! 

It's probably not very hard to find a few examples around you.  Maybe your son's team?  Or maybe your son?!  Let's take a look around for a few shall we?  These are a few images that came to mind, feel free to add a few.