12 Signs that Candy Crush Is Taking Over The World

BsQueeGee l Tuesday, November 16, 2013

Look, I've been there. Not with this particlar 'addiction' but there was a time, when everyday I'd be online with my buddy Jeff for hours at a time playing 

StarCraft, or Age of Empires. It was like a Gaming Bender going on every day. Now the latest game "Crush" as more than 500 Million Downloads and 1 in 23 facebook users  in the WORLD play it. It's worse than we expected. Here are the 12 Signs that Candy Crush Is Taking Over the World. 

I'm gonna start a cigarette and Candy Crush Rehab. And you're all going!! 


Be Just and Fear Not



1. It has more than 500 million downloads*

That's more downloads than people in the U.S.

2. One in every 23 Facebook users in the world plays it*

To put that in perspective, Facebook has 1.19 billion active monthly users, making that about 5 million Facebook users.

3. People are getting addicted. Like seriously addicted.

4. People are making Candy Crush-themed items of clothing

candy crush

candy crush

5. Candy Crush filed for a secret IPO

King.com, the company that makes the game, reportedly filed to go public in September, even though its most successful game hadn't even been around for a year yet.

6. There are enough Tweets about Candy Crush to fill 4,500 novels*

7. It's been one of the top 3 highest-grossing iPhone apps for more than 8 months

Candy Crush has also been the top-grossing iPhone app since Sept. 5, 2013, according to App Annie.

8. People spend almost $900,000 a day on this game

People actually spending their hard-earned money on Candy Crush. Damn you, Candy Crush!

9. People are making Candy Crush cakes

10. You can buy actual Candy Crush candies

The company that makes the game makes these official candies based on the game.
candy crush

11. It brings people together

12. People were Candy Crush for Halloween

Note: *Indicates data provided by King.com, the maker of Candy Crush Saga