by Zigz l Friday, December 20, 2013

Music News provided by Pulse 

Veteran Omaha, Nebraska act 311 will release its 11th studio album independently, according to a statement issued by the band. The disc, which has yet to be titled, will be the second on the band's 311 Records label but first with completely independent distribution. Frontman Nick Hexum said, "It really allows us to feel involved and we can make sure that we're being represented in a way that we want and we think is effective. The label system is corrupt; they're so incompetent with their ability to bring any value to the table. It's just a rip-off."

  • The band has signed a deal with a company called InGrooves to distribute the disc, which is 311's first set in three years. It will arrive on March 11th, also known as "311 Day."
  • 2011's Universal Pulse was the first to go out on 311 Records and Hexum told us at the time that the band enjoyed running its own label: "We're completely in the driver's seat. We realized we don't need the middle man, and if we want to throw out a single or an EP or whatever, now we have the right to do that without any sort of all-powerful A&R man in between us and our fans."
  • Hexum added that the new effort "feels less conservative to me," adding that it takes some "left turns." But he also noted, "As always, there's a lot of riffs and really good high energy stuff that's going to be great for a live setting."
  • "311 Day" will also find the band staging its mostly annual mega-concert, in which it often plays for up to six hours and airs a large chunk of its catalog for a crowd of diehard fans. This year's event will take place in New Orleans.