5 Movies That Scared The Hell Out Of Me - Chris Atticus

No. 5: Nightmare on Elm Street


Nightmare on Elm Street (Original) - Original - not the remake, but the original.  I was seven when I first watched this movie at a friend's house, and it scared the #$%& out of me! In fact, I was so scared that I could not sleep later that night. I specifically remember being unable to fall asleep until I finally gave in around 3 A.M. When I told my parents that I had watched Nightmare on Elm Street at my friends house, my dad couldn't resist. The next morning, I awoke to tapping on my closet door.  When i shot up in bed staring at the closet, my father kicked open the door wearing a Freddy Krueger mask, yelling, "don't fall asleep!!" Well done dad. However, it didn't stop there.  Throughout that week, my father hung a poster of Freddy next to my bed (while sleeping), placed a replica of Freddy's glove on my night stand (while sleeping), and would only speak to me in a voice like Freddy. Seriously scared the stuff out of me. However, it was genius and I thank you for that, Dad.


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