5 Movies That Scared The Hell Out Of Me - Chris Atticus

No. 4: Ghostbusters 2


Ghostbusters 2 - Ok, go ahead and laugh it up...but seriously, I was eight years old when my dad took me to see this movie in the theaters. It isn't a particularly frightening movie by any means, unless you are eight years old and still unable to shake off the memories of your father jumping out of the closet with a Freddy mask on.  So there we are, enjoying Ghostbusters 2 on the big screen, and then, this massive, ugly painting of Vigo the Carpathian shows up.  When I first saw the painting, I remember this feeling of anxiety, and when he bulges his massive forehead through the painting, I just about pee'd. Also, let's not forget the way Vigo looked at the end of the movie during the ultimate show down. You may be laughing or rolling your eyes, but I still feel anxiety about it...so there's that.


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