5 Movies That Scared The Hell Out Of Me - Dagwood

No.5: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - I first watched this circa 1983. I remember being terrified when we rented in from LaVergne Video on Murfreesboro Road (remember going to the store to rent videos?).

I was terrified just because of the title and the reputation of the movie. I dreaded watching this all the way home. The closer it got to "showtime" the more I started sweating and looking for ways out of watching it. Finally, later that night, my stepbrother put in the VCR (!) and here we go. Am I gonna make it??? I felt silly afterwards since it wasn't that scary.

Now there were a couple things that still bother me...

1) The first time you see Leatherface was very scary.
2) Leatherface dressed up as a woman playing the role of the mother at dinner has always been disturbing to me.
So even if it didn't end up sending me to the hospital, the anxiety I felt at just the thought of watching it will always put it on this list.