5 Movies That Scared The Hell Out Of Me - sQueeGee

No. 2: Jaws


Jaws - Yeah, I know. It’s not a scary Halloween movie, but, when you grow up on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, and the beach…yeah.

It’ll scare the bejesus out of you when you go to the beach during in the afternoon and you are wading out in chest high water. It’s just you. Then your mind starts to play tricks on you. You hear that damn music start to play in your head.Or when you go Floundering.

It’s when you go out to catch Flounder, the fish, in the dark.You go out with others, at low tide, and walk through the water about knee high. You are carrying a gig, and a lantern. It’s freaking pitch black out there! You have to drag your feet so you don’t step on a Sting Ray that’s come in to settle for the night.

You know from living on the coast that sharks can swim into shallow water as low as 2 feet. Then! A school of Mullet come crashing into you. You will find out how high you can jump and turn around when this happens.