5 Movies That Scared The Hell Out Of Me - Zigz

No.2  Poltergeist 



Poltergeist – Speaking of clowns… this was the birth of the fear of clowns in my life thanks to the scene where the kid gets pulled under his bed by the smilingdemon clown.  

Why are you smiling clown!?!?! You’re evil!!!  This is also the movie that was responsible for me getting freaked out when there is just static on the TV.  

I thought I outgrew that… but then you hear about all that EVP stuff and next thing you know you’re hearing voices in the static too!  So yeah, still to this day… get a bit of a chill on the back of the neck if the TV is on too long with just static.  

By the way, after reading what I just wrote… no need to mention it… I’ll look into getting help and on some medication.