by Chris Atticus l Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pantera fans that were hoping for the rumored reunion... well... Vinnie Paul says, "no."

Here's the full story via loudwire.com:

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One of the most discussed topics of 2012 has been a possible Pantera reunion with Black Label Societyfrontman Zakk Wylde filling the spot of the late ‘Dimebag’ Darrell Abbott. Throughout the past year, drummerVinnie Paul and singer Phil Anselmo have addressed the subject, as has Zakk Wylde, who has publicly stated it would be an honor if he was asked to take part in a Pantera reunion.

Now, in what may come as a disappointment to some fans, Vinnie Paul no states that he has “no interest” in reuniting with his former bandmates.

In an interview with MusikUniverse.net, Paul spoke in detail about leaving the Pantera legacy untouched. “It’s easy, man. I don’t live in the past, man,” begins Vinnie. “I wanna look forward, I wanna keep moving forward. I understand [fans] wanting to see it, especially people who’ve never had an opportunity to see Pantera, but without my brother being part of it, it just doesn’t make any sense. I’m not gonna trample on his legacy to make some people happy.”

The drummer continues, “We had 14 amazing years together and we sold nearly 40 million records around the world. That’s some pretty amazing stuff. And the band is, actually, to me, bigger today than it was then. I mean, it really is; it’s really grown and grown and grown. There’s plenty of DVDs and videos out there for them to watch. And I would highly suggest you come and see me play with Hellyeah, ’cause that’s what I do.”

“[It's just] rumors, man,” Paul adds. “That’s all I got to say. And you heard that Aerosmith song, [singing] ‘Dream on, dream on.’ It ain’t gonna happen, man. I have no interest in playing with those guys. I love [Hellyeah]; I’m really into it. And I really believe if I stick with it long enough, it will see the same kind of success eventually.”


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