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Reasons to consider Radio Advertising as a way of impacting your consumers:


  • Radio is on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Radio reaches over 93% of people age 12 and older every week and is absolutely free
    to the listener.

  • Check out our coverage map to see how far we can deliver your message!


  • Radio allows advertisers to target specific consumer groups that best match their product/service.


  • Consumers vary in their stages of the purchase cycle. On-going Radio ads allow your product or brand to be front and center when people are ready to
    buy, even during off seasons.

  • Radio reaches consumers close to the time and location of purchase, whether they’re in-store or online shoppers.

  • Radio reaches listeners in-car when they’re driving to stores, restaurants, etc. Your message has the ability to persuade their purchase and/or

  • Radio allows for immediate changes to your message, based on changing trends in the marketplace.


  • “Radio continues to be perceived as central to people’s lives, especially when contrasted with the precipitous decline by other traditional media” –
    Arbitron/Edison “Infinite Dial."

  • Radio continues to be the #1 source of music discovery despite the numerous audio options that exist today.

  • People spend more time listening to radio each day for local news and information than they do reading newspapers or getting news online. The amount
    of time people listen to radio has remained stable.

  • Listeners tend to listen to relatively few radio stations and are extremely loyal to their favorites.


  • Radio is an active medium, capable of stirring emotion, creating demand and selling products and services. Radio has the ability to influence and create

  • Radio is a multi-tasking medium, that allows for consumption while driving, reading, working, exercising – it goes where your consumer is! It is the most
    mobile medium.


  • Radio has a ‘multiplier effect’ on other media. Adding Radio to your marketing campaign, increases recall of TV, newspaper and Internet ads.

  • Radio is proven to drive consumers to visit advertisers’ web sites!


  • Radio has the ability to provide many ways of reaching your consumer & our listener. We offer on air & digital advertising, promotions customized to your
    needs & budget. We have the ability to tie in with large community events, offer sampling opportunities, contests, endorsement campaigns and more!


Locally owned and operated, 102.9 The Buzz takes pride in serving our community and advertiser base. Our success depends on yours. Contact us today so
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