Anchorman 2

Nashville's Rock Station Buzz Anchorman 2

By Chad Barron | February 5, 2013

Good news citizen, Anchorman 2 will be out in December.  In my opinion Anchorman was Will Ferrell’s finest flick (take that with a grain of salt thought because I put Semi-Pro at an underrated number two followed closely by Talladega Nights at number three). 

The sequel, set three years after the original, finds the channel 4 news team coping with the new 24 hour news cycle.  Combine that premise with a crapton of cameos and the addition of Kristen Wiig as Brick’s (Steve Carell’s) special lady friend, and I’m very much looking forward to December for more than just the free socks and underwear from Santa!

Now if Broken Lizard can churn out that Super Trooper’s sequel, we can all live in harmony.

Stay Classy~CB

Kristen Wiig