Blood Moon. Tax Day. The End Of AC/DC. End Days Are Here.

BsQueeGee Wednesday, April 15, 2014 

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I saw the tweets last night, and I was like, whuuuuuutttt???!?!

by Chad Childers April 14, 2014 10:37 PM
Rumors started flying around after Australian radio station 3AW entertainment reporter Peter Ford stated that the band was close to announcing their retirement and that “the tour will not happen and we will never see AC/DC perform again or record again.” Ford also tweeted that there was “some sad detail behind” behind their decision. The rumor could have some credence given the fact that frontman Brian Johnson had stated in a previous interview that recording of their new album had been delayed due to one of the band members being seriously ill

But then, "the above rumor later took a back seat as a conflicting report stated that the band was not retiring and had in fact booked studio time for their new album. According to The Australian, the group has booked a six-week stint set to begin May 1 in Vancouver to lay down music for their next album, which would be their first since 2008′s ‘Black Ice.’ Johnson had stated earlier this year that he was confident that a new album would get done and that it would coincide with a tour."
Let's hope that the Rock And Roll  Cannons won't cease anytime soon. 

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