BREAKING NEWS: 'Hipsters In Hippy Van Find Doc Brown'

WE STILL CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW THEY FOUND HIM.... Modern-day Hipsters in Hippy Van track Emmett Brown down to Hill Valley and found him in the parking lot of Twin Pines Mall. Two Hipsters drove there in a Volkswagen Station Wagon Van and found him with Marty McFly. One of the Hipsters shot Doctor Brown with a fully loaded Nerf Gun, and then attempted to attack the lone witness, Marty. When the gun jammed, the Hipsters chased Marty around the parking lot. As Marty reached 88 miles an hour, with the time circuits activated and the plutonium chamber full, the flux capacitor activated and the DeLorean experienced temporal displacement. The ensuing flash of light disoriented the Hipsters, and their happy van drove into a photo stand. Doc Brown, Marty, and Einstein are all currently living happily now in the year of October 26, 1985.