Drunk Driver Hands the Officer a Beer Instead of License

By Hayley St. John | Tuesday, May 6, 2014


"License and registration, please?"

"Nahhh man it's all good, it's all good. Have a beer. Cheers, dude."

That's almost how this story goes anyway. Point is, he handed the officer a beer instead of his license when he was asked. And after he ran into a cop car.

Turns out Damon Tobias Exum of an Atlanta suburb was "heavily intoxicated" and "not making the best decisions," the police said. Yeah, I'd say not.

He rammed the cop car and drove away, got pulled over, and he was so confused that he handed the officer a beer instead of his driver's license. I admit that I don't have the best judgement either when it comes to hittin' the sauce, but I think I know the difference between my bottle of beer and my ID card! Much less getting behind the wheel! Keep on keepin' on, Mr. Exum!