Erie Insurance Seriously Good Winners!

by Dagwood l Monday, May 12, 2013
Everything is getting more and more expensive. Some things you can't do anything about, some you can.
If you think you're paying too much for auto, home, business or life insurance, shop around. Start with Erie Insurance! Now you won't see any hilarious commercials on TV, that's because they are serious about insurance and want to give you the best rate. Not that they don't have a sense of humor, they just feel that money could be spent better (keep reading).
Here on The Buzz we have been hooking up listeners with 50 dollar gift cards and seriously good nights out on the town (see, they spent that money better...they spent it on you!)
We've had winners from here in Nashville to Hendersonville to Mt Juliet to Murfreesboro. In addition to their gift cards they've won seriously good night out at Nashville Sounds baseball games, concerts, Zanies Comedy Club, etc. Who will be the next winner? You?
Get a quote and find a local Erie Insurance Agent (there's a whole bunch in Middle Tennessee) at
Right now we're giving away 250 dollar gift cards and seriously good nights out at a Nashville Sounds baseball game.
Our latest winners are Steve, Norma, Ben, Taylor and Jonathon. All parts of Middle Tennessee were represented this time. What would they do with 250 dollars in their neck of the woods?? Got a couple of summer vacations, a couple of birthdays and an anniversary.
The winning will continue here on The Buzz!