Former Roommate Sells Kurt Cobain's Posessions on Craigslist

By Chris Atticus | Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Photo: Facebook

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A man who claims to be a former roommate of late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain has gone onto Craiglist to sell an assortment of items that he says belonged to the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" singer and guitarist. According to Diffuser, the man -- identified only as Alex -- says that he shared a living space with Cobain in the '90s, before Cobain moved out and left a bunch of his stuff behind. He never came back to reclaim the items because he owed back rent and never contacted his ex-roommates after Nirvana exploded and Cobain became famous, according to Alex.

  • Among the items that Cobain allegedly left behind are his skis, a Swatch phone and a Kingman video game.
  • Alex said that Cobain never reconnected with his roommates because "Courtney (Love, Cobain's wife) never liked us, but she’s a d***, so no hard feelings."
  • Alex also acknowledged that people might assume a lot of the items were fake, saying, "I have pictures of Kurt with some of it and I have som(e) friends that will talk to you that will say that this is Kurt's stuff."
  • He added, "Some of this stuff is pretty historical as he was using it whem (sic) he was signing his first record contracts, like the phone I know I think he used to talk on the phone to people in LA. That is why it is expensive."
  • Cobain and the rest of Nirvana will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on April 10th, five days after the 20th anniversary of Cobain's death. Maybe Alex can offer some of the items to the Hall of Fame museum if no one has bought them by then.