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Most individuals would think twice before giving up all their physical belongings, cutting ties and risking homelessness & starvation. In 2011, Nashville pop-rock quartet Farewell Fighter did just that. After topping Alternative Press Magazine’s list of 2010’s top unsigned bands in North America, the band decided to take things to the next level by scheduling show after show in self-booked, self-funded tours across America; ultimately spending the next 12 months on the road playing 150+ shows in more than 40 states and selling more than 6,000 copies of their self-released EP entitled The Way We Learn.


With an undying passion for their trade, vocalist Kenny Fleetwood, drummer Matthew Hooper, guitarist Lee Morton, and bassist David Jahns seem to be the scene’s poster-boys for the ‘look what I can do’ attitude. While most bands in their genre struggle to create honest and catchy songs, FF do it track by track -- and they’ve managed to stay humble doing it. Giving up everything you have for the good of a dream has a way of putting the world into perspective for a young artist. Feet on the ground, eyes on the prize, the sly foursome aren’t showing signs of slowing down. On-stage antics reminiscent of a band operating on a much bigger budget have earned them appearances with peers such as The Early November, We Are The In Crowd and Hellogoodbye.


In a convoluted music scene full of GarageBands and auto-tune, Farewell Fighter are hell-bent on proving that you don’t have to be pretty or have a record executive for an uncle just to be successful. They’re doing it through their music -- and they’re doing it well.



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LazerSnake hits the active rock scene with an unmistakable smash hit in "Beggin for the bone". Bob Brainstein from Rolling Stone says "This is the best".
One of the hottest acts in Nashville right now are alt-metal rockers LazerSnake -- consisting of brothers Dusty Forsythe (lead vocals), Cody Forsythe (lead guitar), Lucky Forsythe (bass), and cousin Barry Forsythe-Bohache (drums).

The Forsythe brothers grew up playing music on a farm outside of Clarksville, TN. Their father, Donny, was a farmer by trade but also an extremely talented musician. It's no surprise that the Forsythe clan is now making a pretty big name for themselves.

While their songs expectedly contain the excellence of such contemporaries as Nickleback and 3 Doors Down, Forsythe's voice at times is eerily similar to Creed's great frontman, Scott Stapp, containing unmistakable elements of traditional hard rock.

In mid 2013 we'll see the release of LazerSnake's major-label debut, Beggin for the Bone. Shortly after its release they will embark on a European tour with Staind, and after that, a full tour of the U.S. as part of the Family Values 2013 tour, alongside Puddle of Mudd, Linkin Park, and Godsmack.

It's going to be a busy year for LazerSnake.


Kink Ador

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Kink Ador, based in Nashville, Tennessee is fronted by lead vocalist, bass player, and trumpeter Sharon Koltick, backed by guitar player, Nicklas Hamilton, and Drummer Pearce Harrison. Their sound is intense, sexy and straight up rock. Since 2009, Kink Ador has been wowing audiences and garnering a big buzz in New York, Chicago, Cincinnati, Atlanta and Nashville. Recently, they appeared on Balcony TV Brooklyn where they were voted the best band for March 2012. In April, Kink Ador partnered with Red Bull, and recorded three new songs at Red Bull’s Soundstage studio in LA, which will be part of their new album set for release in late 2012.  Throughout the summer and fall they will be touring the east coast and Midwest which will include Summerfest, cosmic invasion, and Oranje fest.



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Oaklynn formed in early 2010 when two sets of brothers, Josh and Seth Smith, and Tripp and Tate Howell decided to start a band. The quickly caught the eye of several venue owners, as well as Chris Garmon for the record label Regenerate Music Company. After several shows and much contemplation, Oaklynn signed a record deal with Regenerate and is in the process of releasing a few singles. Oaklynn is planning on hitting the road Summer 2012 with a new single called "Everytime". With several shows coming up, Oaklynn would love for you to come check one out!