Get Immortalized on Vinyl

By sQueeGee/ Tuesday July 30, 2013


To quote my friend Tommy Womack from his album "There I said it." I'm never gonna be a rock star. But neither will you. 

Now though, you can be immortalized on vinyl, and not have to sing or play a note. You can be vinyl! 

Read on: 

An urn just not doing it for you? This company will press ashes to a custom-made vinyl record. 

Founded by Jason Leach, part of the group Subhead with the now-deceased Phil Wells (and, briefly, Jamie Lidell), And Vinyly was founded in 2009, and offers music fans the change to have their ashes – or those of their loved ones – pressed to a vinyl record.

The basic And Vinyly package starts at £3,000 ($2910.08 US), which gets you 30 copies of the record, each pressed with 24 minutes of audio of your choice (12 per side) with some ash included. If you don’t want to provide your own audio, then Leach and his team can provide their own – if you head to the Raveyard section of the website, then there’s a selection of ready-made tracks to choose from.

Even more impressive, though, is that painter James Hague, whose work has featured in the National Portrait Gallery, can create an original painting for the sleeve for an extra £3,500. You can also have copies of the record placed in “reputable record stores worldwide”. And finally, yes, they do locked grooves.


What would you be pressed into?