Hayley St. John's Top 5 Buzz Sessions of 2013

1. Queens of the Stone Age

In my opinion, the less production on an album, the better. I love the raw and real sound with just the bands' voices and a few instruments. Their new album is fantastic, and hearing their stuff all stripped down was amazing.


2. Atlas Genius

Keith and Mike were really cool guys, and I'm surprised how much noise they can make with just the two members at a live show. Just like the Queens of the Stone Age session, I loved the stripped-down sound and the transformation from the keyboards on their studio album, to the acoustic guitar and piano on their acoustic version.


3. Awolnation

Hearing the differences between the regular versions of "Not Your Fault" and "Sail" versus the acoustic versions are entirely different, and I'm completely in love with the versions they did in the den.


4. Nico Vega

I liked what I've heard as far as "Beast," but hearing their stuff at their session was awesome. They easily went from a band that I was interested in, to a band I love in that short session time.


5. 3 Doors Down

I love how involved the guys are with The Buzz. I felt like I was sitting in a living room with my friends and listening to some good music.



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