Hayley St. John's Top 5 Concerts of 2013

1. Muse/Cage The Elephant at Bridgestone Arena

Hands down, best show of the year for me! I knew that Muse had a crazy stage presence, just by word of mouth, but I had no idea until I saw them live. Everyone in the crowd was there for the same reason, and watching them all jamming with their fists in the air was half the fun of it. I hope they come back to town again soon.

 (Photo: Muse's Facebook)


2. 3 Doors Down at War Memorial Auditorium

Since it was an acoustic set, I figured it would be like any other "intimate acoustic set," just sitting down and playing a few songs. It turned out to be one song played, then talk about life, pick on some audience members, then play the next song. Brad was super personable, and I love his "Thank you, my friends" after every single song.

(Photo: 3 Door's Down Facebook)


3. The Lumineers at Ryman Auditorium

My favorite part was when Wesley, the lead singer, sang "Dead Sea" with no microphone and no amp. The Ryman is the best place for stuff like that.

(Photo: The Lumineer's Facebook)


4. Bon Jovi at Bridgestone Arena

I've seen Bon Jovi several times, and I'm sure I'll see them several more times after this one. And as much as I love checking out opening bands, I like that they didn't have an opener, and it was just three hours of only Bon Jovi. I loved that.

(Photo: The Associated Press)


5. Twenty One Pilots at Cannery Ballroom

Their drummer played a drum solo while crowd surfing. Need say more?

(Photo: Twenty One Pilot's Facebook)




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