"I Am a Free and Independent Artist"

By Hayley St. John | Friday, March 21, 2014

Amy Lee

Photo: Facebook

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Evanescence singer Amy Lee has revealed by a post on Twitter that she is a "free and independent artist" and no longer signed to a record label. Lee wrote, "Today, for the first time in 13 years, I am a free and independent artist. I have wanted this for so long and I am so happy." She added: "(I am) free from my record deal. I'm free to do anything, (Evanescence) included."

Lee told us not long ago that she was confident Evanescence could reach its fans through other than traditional record industry means: "We're really lucky in that we have a very large, very awesome, very passionate fan base. I feel like if we make something, our fans are gonna hear it. I think that the challenge is trying to get new people to hear your music. And what is the way? I don't think there's a set way. I think that it's a lot more about word of mouth. It's not like they're seeing it on MTV."

  • Lee, who is pregnant with her first child, sued her longtime label Wind-Up Records in January for at least $1.5 million over unpaid royalties and other alleged misdeeds.
  • According to TMZ. Lee alleged in her lawsuit that the company attempted to sabotage the band's career by assigning them to under-qualified promotion executives who lacked fresh ideas on how to market and promote the group.
  • Before the lawsuit was filed, Evanescence was actually sold to the Bicycle Music Company and Concord Music Group by Wind-Up in a deal that included the entire catalogs of most of the label's acts, including Creed, Seether and others.