In Sickness and Health...and Bacon

By Hayley St. John | Monday, February 3, 2014


Video: Des Moines Register

Nothing says true love like a romantic wedding in a big, greasy bacon festival setting.

Ever since Beer, Bacon, Burlesque made a stop in town this past weekend, maybe your love for bacon was renewed. But check this out. That ain't nothin' compared to this couple's love for it!

This couple considered tying the knot in Vegas, but they got a sudden idea of gettin' hitched at the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival in Iowa. Not to mention, the man who did the officiating is the host of Travel Channel's "Bacon Paradise."

Plus, the groom has the nerve to say "She's second only to bacon," although, his bride is totally okay with it. If you look and listen closely, she even sneaks in the words  "...and bacon" into her vows.

Now that's romantic.