Jack Is Back!

BsQueeGee Wednesday, April 2, 2014 

Jack White is releasing his new album "Lazaretto" days before his Bonnaroo appreance in June. But, he's already dropped a new track from said forthcoming album titled "High Ball Stepper," and it's an awesome jam!! And that's it. No lyrics, just an instrumental. There are already 2 videos with the song and tab/guitar lessons, on youtube. Yeah. It's that good!!!  Have I mentioned how good it is? Only 3 times? Jam on it! Oh, and the defintion of his new album titile: 


  [laz-uh-ret-oh]  Show IPA
noun, plural laz·a·ret·tos.
1.a hospital for those affected with contagious diseases, especially leprosy.
2.a building or a ship set apart for quarantine purposes.
3.Also called glory holeNautical a small storeroom within the hull of a ship, especially one at theextreme stern.
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