Jane's Addiction's Perry Ferrell Works on Upcoming Musical

By Zigz | Friday, January 17, 2014


Jane's Addiction

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Jane's Addiction is going to be on hiatus for a while as frontman Perry Farrell works on an electronic dance music stage musical called Kind Heaven. Farrell told Rolling Stone that the proposed show, which deals with the sex and drug trades in Thailand, "is a pretty massive undertaking, so Jane’s Addiction is going to take a hiatus. It’ll be a couple of years before you see Jane’s again."

  • Farrell added that the musical was a "love story with a very modern scenario," in which a soldier sent by the Thai government to subdue an insurgency falls in love with a female sex worker and runs away with her to a Buddhist monastery.
  • Farrell hopes to open the show in Las Vegas, and recently visited the city to scope out potential theaters for what he envisions as an immersive, interactive production that audience members will walk through.
  • Farrell plans to hit the DJ and club circuit soon with his wife Etty to test out songs he has already written for the show.
  • Jane's Addiction, which has broken up and reunited several times since forming in 1985, released its fourth studio album, The Great Escape Artist, in 2011.
  • The group released Live In NYC last June on DVD/CD, Blu-ray and double LP vinyl, and issued a new track called "Another Soulmate" during the summer.