Lars Ulrich Says Another Year Until New Metallica Record

By Zigz | Wednesday, January 29, 2014


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Don't expect any early Christmas presents from Metallica later this year. Although the band expects to start working on its 10th studio album soon, drummer Lars Ulrich has all but ruled out any chance of the disc arriving in 2014. At the Grammy Awards last Sunday (January 25th), Ulrich was first asked whether Metallica plans to make another movie. He replied, "One at a time. The next thing we have to give birth to is another record, so that's the focus for '14 and '15." Asked when fans might get to hear the new disc, Ulrich added, "I would say definitely not before '15."

  • Metallica's last all-new album, Death Magnetic, came out in September 2008.
  • The band's 3D IMAX movie, Metallica Through The Never, opened last September but tanked, earning less than $4 million at the box office. It came out on Blu-ray and DVD on Tuesday (January 28th).
  • Ulrich said that making the movie re-energized Metallica's creativity, explaining, "(Working on the film) gave us a chance to experience a whole other way of being creative and having a creative outlet. We were very inspired by making that (movie), and now we're energized to make a record. The film was fun, but it's all about the next record."
  • Metallica will hit the European festival circuit this summer, with the band's set lists comprised of requests made online by fans attending each date. One slot at each night's show will be reserved for a new tune.