Local Buzz Cut Of The Week: Hotel War


Local Buzz Cut this week is from Hotel War with the track Get Up.


Hotel War is not a revisionist group, not a cover band, and does not think rock ‘n roll needs anyone’s help to stay alive. Hotel War is an original rock ‘n roll group whose fiery brand of songs are adventurous, hard-hitting, and to the point.
The trio consists of Curt Apwisch (Lead Vocals, Bass), Justin Nash (Guitar, Vocals), and Brandon Fisher (Drums, Vocals). Hailing from Nashville by way of Dayton, OH, this three-piece outfit has been making friends and fans all over the Southeast with a string of 2012 tour dates across the region.
"Nothing I ever did growing up rivaled the experience of listening to records and going to concerts," says Apwisch. "Somewhere along the way it was pointed out to me that my writing sounded like it should be paired with rock n’ roll music. It didn't make sense to keep it to myself so we bought guitars & began writing."
While the band compare's their sound to "a back alley beating," others have found a blend of modern meets old school rock n' roll.
"Think the Black Keys meets the White Stripes and every band from the 70's that meant anything at all to Rock and Roll," was one description given by the Bustown Music Blog.
In early 2012, Hotel War combined forces with Precedent Entertainment in Nashville to bring their brand of visceral, heart pounding rock n' roll to cities around the country. While some bands may be content to play a set and be done, Hotel War aims to inspire audiences with their music.
"I want people to have the time of their lives while we are in their town and to feel inspired when we leave," says Fisher. "When people see Hotel War I want them to feel hopeful and excited about stepping out of their comfort zone, we want them to see that if you take chances great things can happen.
With great response at live shows from city to city and a buzz about town in Nashville Tennessee it appears to be true, great things can and ARE happening for Hotel War. The group will be on the road promoting their forthecoming record with tour dates coming in all across the country.