Local Buzz Cut Of The Week: Modoc




Local Buzz Cut this week is from MODOC, with the track Devil On My Shoulder.


In the midst of a full-on rock revival, Nashville, Tennessee’s MODOC has established itself as one of the most irresistibly and undeniably fearless new acts to emerge from Music City, USA.

Having turned out two blistering, full-length albums of potent, unvarnished rock in little less than 18 months, the hard-hitting four-piece is turning heads and earning favor with many of the city’s industry heavyweights, not to mention fans.  Managers, producers, publishers – even network television – have taken notice of one of the smartest, most original sounds to come out of Nashville in a long time.

“True rock n roll, coming from Nashville!” raves producer Nick Raskulinecz. The multiple Grammy-winner would certainly know, having worked with acts like Foo Fighters, Alice in Chains, Rush, Superdrag and Queens of the Stone Age, just to name a few.

“One of my favorite new acts,” confirms Nashville producer Marshall Altman (Marc Broussard, Natasha Bedingfield, Matt Wertz).  “Definitely on the rise and poised to be a break-out band from Nashville.”

Veteran rock manager Steve Hutton (Kid Rock, Better Than Ezra, All That Remains) pegs the MODOC vibe perfectly: “Urgent rock n roll.  No gimmicks, just raw soul.”

Even Hollywood has been quick to recognize MODOC’s refreshingly elusive sound. In 2012, Universal Music Publishing heard a rough version of the band’s “Devil On My Shoulder” and immediately put them in touch with Grammy nominated producer Paul Moak.  When the finished version ended up in the hands of executives at ABC, the network snatched it up for the fall promos of its 666 Park Avenue television series.

While Nashville was once regarded almost exclusively as a boots n’ buckles kind of town, the city has undergone something of a renaissance in recent years, with diverse rock entities like Jack White, The Black Keys, Kings of Leon, Paramore and JEFF the Brotherhood all calling Music City home. Since relocating to Nashville in 2011, MODOC has been welcomed like a long lost brother, collaborating with rock royalty like Black Crowes guitarist/co-founder Rich Robinson and working with revered producers Raskulinecz and Moak. In February, the band celebrated a new management and publishing deal with Nashville-based Zavitson Music Group, and this summer they landed a coveted spot at the Nashville Dancin’ downtown concert series. Clearly, MODOC has found its rightful place in Music City.

“I think this band is really something special, and people are taking notice of it,” says ZMG President Russ Zavitson.  “MODOC has a unique ability to create songs that punch you in the gut, but somehow it just feels good!  They’re raw, passionate, forceful - exactly the kind of band that rock music needs today.”

The four members of MODOC (Clint Culberson on vocals/guitars, Kyle Addison on lead guitars/vocals, Caleb Crockett on bass/vocals and John Carlson on drums/vocals) first met through the regional music scene at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. Culberson, who had previously lived in a nearby, one stop light town called Modoc, suggested the name during a band brainstorming session.  The moniker was unique, direct and memorable. And it somehow fit perfectly.

“MODOC is synonymous for confrontational, hard-working and fearless, and those three characteristics are necessary for great Rock n’ Roll,” says Black Rebel Motorcycle Club manager Dan Russell. “This band seems destined to fight past any clichés and emerge as a great rock band, and I look forward to it.”

MODOC is planning a Euorpean tour for Spring/Summer 2014.

MODOC's new album has just released. It is available on iTunes, modocmusic.com, and Spotify. The physical CD (which you can order from modocmusic.com) contains 2 bonus tracks not found on the digital release.