Local Buzz Cut of the Week: Navaeh

Local Buzz Cut Artist is Naveah (Nuh-ve-ah) with the song Unsatisfied.


Navaeh started it's Nashville journey when I decided to respond to a craigslist ad from non other than Lee Collwell. Lee was in a band Called "The Cavalry" and they needed a drummer. Navaeh had been on hiatus for a year in Richmond, Va and I decided to move to Nashville after playing "The Muse" on tour a few years earlier. I (Godfrey) talked Ernest (my guitar player and partner in crime) to move to music city and play bass for the cavalry. After a fist fight with lead singer over wether or not ernest and I should drive home after drinking at the band house. Ernest and I decided it was time for Navaeh to get back together. We recorded our first EP in Nashville with Jeremiah Scott (Demon Hunter) at his home in antioch. The EP was called "An Ode to Bad Decisions". After a few shows and release Ernest was called back to Va to be with his wife until she finished college. 2013 was spent with ernest and I getting "And then there Was One" completed with Producer J Hall. Ernest moved back in the summer of 2013 and we completed the record and filled out the rest of the band with Jim Chiodo and Brandon Keyser formerly of worker.

Godfrey -Bass, vocals

Ernest - Guitar, BGV

Jim - Drums

Brandon - Guitar






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