Local Buzz Cut Of The Week: Novalane



Local Buzz Cut this week is from Novalane with the track We Are Beautiful.


Formed in 2013 in Nashville TN, the members consist of Lane Johnson (lead vocals), Trevor Barber (Guitars), Seth Hajek (Bass), and Michael McManus (drums). 
Lane Johnson from Houston, TX has been a rock writer/drummer in Nashville since 2006 and has written with today's popular alternative rock acts you hear day to day. Through the course of his struggling journey, he has developed a style that needed to be nothing but his own. He met up with Seth (bass),a friend from Cleveland and player for the Spazmatics, also a former member of the group Sinomatic. Lane insisted on starting a band from the desire of wanting to be front stage and see the smiles of music lovers instead of behind the scenes. Seth agreed and said "LETS DO THIS!!" Next came Trevor out of Louisiana (Guitar). He lived in Los Angeles and had a tone that this rock band needed to proceed.  Trevor fit right in and the magic started to happen. All that was needed was a drummer. Lane knew Michael (drummer),current member of Saving Abel. Michael was interested in the tunes and listened through the ideas and direction of he band and he quoted, "I WANT IN."
Within just a couple months, the band has recorded songs and has recently released a music video you can find on YouTube under Novalane Music. Novalane looks forward to being a part of Nashville as it grows musically. Rock 'n' Roll is coming back and when it does, Novalane wants to be on top.