Local Buzz Cut Of The Week: Rearview Ghost


Local Buzz Cut this week is from Rearview Ghost with the track Devil's Backbone.


Loud guitars and powerful gritty vocals are the fuel for Rearview Ghost, an upcoming modern hard rock band led by female vocalist Josia, and comprised of guitarist Craig “King of Noise” Shadix, bassist Flip Cooper, and drummer Robert Norman.

This North Alabama band has been bucking trends and pushing boundaries, bringing back an old flair feel with a raw new energy groove. Breaking from past tradition, RVG has been evolving with their music, establishing their own identity...one that still harkens back to a classic rock sound, but coupled with their own modern dirty rock twist with a nod to their southern-style influence. Current hot single "Devil's Backbone" is setting the tone for the highly anticipated second album.

The band's first self-titled debut CD dropped May 2012 and climbed it's way up the regional rock and radio charts, where singles such as 'American Way' and 'Lonely' are still in rotation today. RVG in the past has headlined and opened with bands such as Ages Apart, Within Reason, My Darkest Days, and Candlebox.

Second studio album will be dropping early 2014, produced by legend Michael Wagener at WireWorld in Nashville, TN. Wagener is behind such platinum selling artists as Mötley Crüe, Metallica, Poison, Alice Cooper, Megadeth, Ozzy Osbourne, and Skid Row.