Local Buzz Cut Of The Week: The Wooly Mamas


Local Buzz Cut this week is from The Wooly Mamas.


The Wooly Mamas are a Nashville, TN based trio that plays original music with an eclectic mix of genres including roots rock, alt country, grunge and blues. The Wooly Mamas hail from the suburbs of Washington, DC, where they began playing music together in 2002. The trio was originally formed as a cover band one night at local bar in Manassas, VA. Although their first gig together was meant to be nothing more than a friendly jam session, they soon realized that the chemistry between them was undeniable. Over the next many years the group played numerous bars and clubs around the east coast, honing their craft with an eventual repertoire of over a thousand cover songs in a wide variety of musical styles. From Hank Williams to Nirvana, Wilco, Tom Waits, from The Stray Cats to The Beatles, the band drew influence from all of their favorite music and soon-after started to flesh out a catalog of their own original songs. 

After 6 years as a constantly gigging cover band, the trio took their new library of all original material and moved to Nashville, TN where they formed The Wooly Mamas. In 2013 the band released their debut EP, "Parlor Deluxe" which can be physically purchased, downloaded, or streamed for free online. The band can currently be seen playing live in Nashville and surrounding areas.