Make money with trick bets!

By Chad Barron, 

Everyone is always looking for a way to bring in some extra cash.  Part-time jobs can be boring and time consuming.  Get rich quick schemes never work.  It also sucks when you hustle nice folks for money and then feel bad later, especially if they remind you of your sweet Aunt Misty. 

So it’s obvious what the solution is here.  Make money through your friends with trick bets.  Bets they can’t possibly win.  Bets your friends will gladly pay up on because you just showed them how to trick their friends. Bets that will allow you to sleep well at night, and spring for the expensive restaurant on your next date.

“But what if my friends are all smarter than me and won’t fall for the trick bets?”  
Then trick bet children.  Children don’t work for their money anyway, so no guilt. 

This video gives some excellent examples.