Most Annoying Rock Star Behaviors

by Buzz Rock Girl Jami l Wednesday, June 5th, 2013


Throughout my life, I have been to shows and witnessed fans that were annoying (as I'm sure you have, as well) and rude in addition to Artists that were not any better. Don't get me wrong, the majority of the shows have been AMAZING and deserve all the accolades they received, but there are those few a-hole artists that take it all for granted and have lost their will to perform. Here are a few of the most annoying things bands do at concerts.


1) Show up ridiculously late

This brings us to GNR's Axl Rose and his "after midnight" performance because apparently he was watching football backstage. Now - I know about this instance personally because I was there and I (along with hundreds of fans) was very pissed. It was a 2 hour wait to hear their music (and I'm saying this as someone who LOVES GNR), but don't do that to ANYBODY. Unless you're suffering a medical emergency - then we would understand, but damn! Honestly, a lot of the crowd left. Two O'Clock rolls around and they still weren't finished with their set and this was a Sunday night! Point being - don't go on 45 minutes after the opening act. We don't want to hate you.


2) Exclude key band members or the band altogether.

Now, I understand sometimes band members fight or just don't want to play anymore. That's fine - everyone has their right to not want to be "Rockstars" anymore, but in no way should the band take it out on the fans. Don't deprive fans of the proper band. Case-in-point... Adam Gontier leaving Three Days Grace right when Three Days Grace was set to tour. Now, he's currently touring solo performing songs he wrote while he was in Three Days Grace. Let's note here that the guys in Three Days Grace have been close for over 20 years and for the lead singer to up and leave due to what he claims as "health issues," but still tour on his own is a little dubious.


Three Days Grace









Three Days Grace (with Adam Gontier)


3) Play too much from the new album

When you go to a concert - you want to hear songs you're familiar with. Songs you can scream and move along to. A perfect example of this is Radiohead. Their last tour, they abandoned much of their 90's work. The result of this was leaving many fans disappointed. See - you can't win trying to leave behind your old work. It evolved you, so accept the fact that we love your old stuff, otherwise we wouldn't be there.














Radiohead (90'sish)


4) Rob your fans blind

We understand that the concert industry is a business, but don't price it out of the market. We want to be able to afford the concert tickets as well as a beer or 2 (and those are ridiculous) so don't make me skip a car payment to go to your concert and later resent you. Also, keep your meet 'n greets as nice perks for your most devoted fans, but don't charge $1k for an unenthusiastic handshake and a you-don't-give-a-s photo.