Na Na Na Na Na Na Na, Batman Building In The New Batman, Superman Movie!

BsQueeGee Tuesday 9 July, 2014 


Representatives from Warner Bros. studios announced that the AT&T building (formerly the Bell South building), known as the ‘Batman building’ to locals, and a prominent feature of the Nashville skyline, had been selected to double as the headquarters of Wayne Enterprises in the upcoming film Batman vs. Superman. 

“I’m not sure how much time will be spent shooting in the Nashville area, but I can safely say that the city will fare much better than Metropolis did!”

Read the whole story from Nashville Geek Reports HERE! 

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ADDENDUM: This article was an April Fools day joke and we here at the Buzz, as unknowing victims, have kept it going now in July. As punishment, we are going to drag ourselves to the nearest bar and drink until we forget this ever happened. Our sincerest apologies. We will try harder to be a more credible news organization.