New Beck Song for 'Girls'

By Hayley St. John | Monday, January 13, 2014


Photo: Facebook

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HBO's Girls kicked off its third season on Sunday (January 12th) and with the batch of the new episodes comes an array of artists carefully selected for the show's soundtrack by music supervisor Manish Raval. Raval revealed in a new interview with that this year's musical highlights include a new track from Beck.

Manish told the website, "We were able to get our hands on a brand new Beck song which he just finished for his new record and gave to us to put on the show before the release of his album." He added, "We were in a fortunate position where we were able to get access to a lot of great songwriters and bands to give us new material or write us new material for the show. A lot of that stuff will appear on the soundtrack, which we’re working on right now."

  • Beck's new album, Morning Phase, will be released in February.
  • The new season will also feature tracks from ex-Rilo Kiley singer Jenny Lewis, Miguel, Lily Allen, and Christina Perri.