Our Favorite Little 3 Piece is Nominated for the R.N.R.H.O.F!!!!!

by sQueeGee l Thursday, October 16, 2013

Well, our Favorite Little 3 Piece has been nominated for induction to the 2014 Class of The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame! This is the first year of eligibility for Nirvana, whose acceptance into the Rock Hall pantheon is widely seen in the music industry as a fait accompli. Also being nominated for THE FIRST TIME, are The Replacements, Linda Ronstadt Hall & Oates, The Zombies, and Link Wray. Sometimes you have to look at the band/people who haven't ever been nominated until, like, 50 years after they were eligible. As some say, it's all about the money for the RRHOF anyway.. 

Oh, and other bands that have been nominated but not inductucted, that have been included in the 2014 voting are Deep Purple, and Chic. Really? These guys should have been there a looooong time ago. 

Well, anyway congratualtions Nirvana!! 


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