Queensryche @ The Wildhorse Saloon

by Rebecca Blake l Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Photo: Facebook

Being a hardcore Queensryche fan, I must say I was skeptical when the band decided to carry on after the departure of frontman Geoff Tate. It almost never works out when the singer is replaced, especially a singer of the caliber of Geoff Tate. Yeah, yeah.... maybe he was a jerk and a pain to work with, but the dude can sing. There's no denying that. I must admit though, the last time I saw Queensryche, I WAS rather disapponted. They only played 2 of their hits... The Lady Wore Black and Jet City Woman. Really? Nothing from Mindcrime??? That's almost a punishable offense.. or should be. But, as disappointed as I was, I was still very apprehensive about seeing the band with a different frontman.

Well, let me tell you, my apprehension was blown out of the water last night by new vocalist Todd La Torre! Even though he was battling a cold Todd flippin' killed it last night! He DID have the audience help him out and sing quite a bit, but I'm pretty sure we would have done that anyway. Hahahaha! If you're a hardcore Queensryche fan, that's part of the deal, right? At least it is for me! And boy, I was really belting it out last night! I'm surprised I still have a voice today!!!

Being new to Nashvillle, I went to the show by myself, but hooked up with Dagwood and his buddies when I got there. We all had a blast.... Although they may think I'm a crazy person the way I was singing, throwing the horns and headbanging! Hahaha! The band as a whole sounded amazing! Scott's drumming was, as you would expect, phenomenal and the guitar work was fantastic! Michael Wilton has still got it. Such a clear, beautiful tone. Love it!!! This show was excatly what you want from a Queensryche show. And if Todd La Torre was battling a cold and still sounded THAT good and hit the high notes the way he was hitting them last night, I can't even imagine what he'll be like at full strength.

The boys have an album full of new material due out this summer and I for one, can't wait to hear it!