Random Thought Thursday

By Troy Hanson l Thursday, July 11, 2013


Heard you missed me, well I'm back.  Why is it, if one egg is cracked, it spoils the dozen?  I mean, this is the type of stuff that keeps me up at night.  LLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYYYYYD! There - just wanted to feel like Ari Gold for a couple seconds.  One thing I'm sure of, if the internet ever goes away, we as a people will still find a way to bitch about inane things in a public form while thinking that other people actualy care about what it is we are saying.  

Rest assured, I'm just as sick of it as you are, I just keep drinking through the disgust...or is it disgust disguised as pleasure?  I get.  I just.  I get so confused sometimes.  Taking on new projects on the homefront always sound better & exciting at the start as opposed to ten minutes into it don't they.  When a doctor says, "You don't use that finger anyway do you?"  Don't walk, run.  It's a pretty good bet one of you is getting knocked up tonight, so if you're a dude, becareful with that casue I don't know if hospitals have perfected the art just yet.  

The new gentleman actually does ask a woman her age, or maybe I just have to now cause the age-dar is officially down for the count.  Sorry about that sir, I didn't know she was still.  So do any of you like comic books?  Oh, I don't care for them, I was just asking.  You know something, my Dad was right, there really are many ways to call someone a son of a bitch without calling them a son of a bitch...you got that you son of a bitch?  That does it, I'm taking my ball and I'm going home!  


Photo Credit: You can't post that photo dude!!