Rock those Leftovers Dale!

By Chad Barron|November 22, 2012

Turkey Leftovers


Every year you eat two weeks worth of Turkey Sandwiches and then you’re sick of your leftovers. Why?  Because you’re not being creative, that’s why.  Go beyond the Turkey Sandwich with this year's Thanksgiving Day leftovers.  Here are some suggestions:

Turkey Bowl-KFC Famous bowl style. Grab a bowl and throw in your leftover mashed potatoes, and corn. Mix in the leftover turkey and drown in gravy!  Maybe melt some shredded cheese on top for good measure.

Pitas, Burritos, Tacos & Wraps–Hook up your favorite ingredients with your turkey leftovers and throw down on some deliciousness.

BBQ Slice–Fry up onions and add cooked turkey and bbq sauce, heat thoroughly. Serve over top slices of thick & crusty French or Italian bread.

Turkey Quesadillas–Spread grated cheese over tortillas, top with cooked diced turkey & chopped green onion, top with another tortilla and heat both sides thoroughly in a skillet (use cooking spray).

Turkey scrambled eggs-Mix turkey and shredded cheese into your eggs and scramble those bad boys up for a delicious morning turkey.

Turkey Pizza-Whip up a pizza crust and top with pesto sauce, cranberries, mushrooms, mozzarella, and turkey.  Cook as if you are making a Hot and Ready that will actually be ready, when you’re ready…to eat it.

Also, don’t forget that you can steal a whole turkey leg during Thanksgiving dinner and stash it somewhere safe.  Then later in the week, enjoy the act of walking around and tearing into the turkey leg while speaking in a bad English accent.  Your friends will love this, trust me!

Best Thanksgiving joke ever (clean version) by George Carlin, "You know why no one makes love on Thanksgiving?  Probably because all the coats are on the bed!"