Royal Blood Plans New Album

By Zigz | Tuesday, June 3, 2014


British duo Royal Blood tentatively plan to release their first full-length album in August. Speaking with, the band members said, "We've kind of been writing and recording over the past year in batches. We're kind of aiming to get our record out this August. We're at a stage now where we're pretty happy with it. I think we've got a few more trips to the studio, but it's definitely in the final stages."

Singer/bassist Mike Kerr told us about the origins of the pair's huge sound: "I've always been fascinated with making one sound that sounds big. I eventually kind of feel like I cracked this code I was after to make this huge sound and I've managed to keep it a secret up until now as to how I do it, which is fun, 'cause I kind of feel like it's my thing and it took a long time for me to craft."

The duo have been introduced to American audiences via their current EP Out Of The Black.

The title track is currently Number Six on the Rock radio chart.

The band is out on the road now doing European festivals and will come back in August to perform at Lollapalooza in Chicago.

Great new tune called "Out of the Black." See the video for it here,