Shinedown Begins Working on New Album

By Chris Atticus | Thursday, January 9, 2014


Photo: Facebook

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Shinedown has reportedly entered the studio this week to begin work on its fifth album, which will follow up 2012's Amaryllis. Few details on the project are available, but drummer Barry Kerch told us that the band had plenty of songs written already: "I'd say well over 30 songs. There's quite a bit of material out there, it's just, is it gonna work? Is it gonna flow with whatever that record's sound is at that time? Because really, records are a time capsule of what you're going through at that period in your life, so once you start piecing that together, even if it's a good song or a song that you really like, is it gonna fit on this record man? You have to go through that whole process. It can be painstaking for sure, but in the end you get a great record."

  • Amaryllis was somewhat of an underperformer for Shinedown, following the platinum-plus sales and chart success of its previous effort, 2010's The Sound Of Madness.
  • Still in limbo is an acoustic covers album that Shinedown had planned to bring out in 2013 -- until it was blocked by Bon Jovi, who refused to grant Shinedown permission to include a version of "Wanted Dead Or Alive" on the record.
  • The unreleased set contains covers of songs chosen by fans, including material by the Clash, Pearl Jam and Metallica.