Sign Shaming

By Chad Barron | Friday, January 4, 2013

Sign Shamed Nashville's Rock Station

I don't have kids, but if I did I would totally sign shame them.  The new trend of taking a picture of the offender holding up a sign which states their offence for all to see is a bit controversial, but a perfect form of discipline for me. You see, you can’t spank your kids anymore or they will call “the place” on you.  "Time Out" is monotonous and frustrating.  However, sign shaming your children can be fun for you and teach them right from wrong.  I most likely wouldn’t send my child out into public with a sign, or even out into the neighborhood though.  Instead I would post the sign shame picture on my child’s Facebook page.  Hey, I told my kid, "No Facebook page, you're five," but they whined and cried until I gave in.  Bad move on your part kid because now you’re holding an embarrassing sign showing what you did for all of your little, toddler friends to see. 

Good day sir.