Those Canadians Have Lost Their Minds!

BsQueeGee l Tuesday, November 21, 2013

I think that there is something seriously going on in the Great White North! First, there's Rob Ford. This guy. The City of Toronto has stripped him of all his Mayoral powers for admitting to smoking crack, recent videos of his drunken rages and so much more. Just follow the News daily. You'll see what I'm talking about. In Vancouver, they want to do away with door knobs and replace them with door levers. But that's another story, here.

Canadians have  always been considered to the most passive and friendly people around. That's right Buddy. They are super friendly. 

Some might say that pretentiousness has taken over for one band. Arcade Fire is getting heat for instituting a dress code for its upcoming North American arena tour. And the band’s response to fans who don’t like it? Too bad.

On the Ticketmaster pages hawking seats for the Montreal group’s upcoming tour, a note at the top of the page reads: “NIGHT OF SHOW: Please wear formal attire or costume.” Tickets for the band’s Toronto gig at the Air Canada Centre in March range from $46.50 for upper level seats to $225 for VIP seats. The band had also previously noted on Twitter in September that they expect “fancy” dress from concert-goers:

One supposes the calculus is that fans who can get past the band’s “we’ve arrived” ticket prices can afford to find some threads the Montreal crew finds acceptable to get through the turnstiles. And while it might seem the directive is “MANDATORY” here as well, it remains to be seen how the band will enforce its protocol at mammoth 15,000-plus seat venues across the U.S. and Canada. Hipster police?

The band had made similar sartorial demands before a show in Montreal in September and in London earlier this month, when NME reported that frontman Win Butler told the crowd: “To anyone who felt uncomfortable dressing up — I’m not sorry.”

If you're going to the show here in May at Bridgestone Arena, might I offer an opinion on the "formal wear" you do put on.  Everyone should dress in Nashville's finest attire. Overalls. That's right. Overall's. Guys, you can put a nice shirt on, or go sans shirt with just the tie and your overalls.  Ladies, I'm sure bikini tops will suffice.  

Do you think this is pretentious, or would you rather dress to the nines and attend the show. The choice is up to you. 

Be Just and Fear Not