Tool Says Rumors About Finished Album are False

By Zigz | Monday, March 10, 2014


Music News provided by Pulse

Despite a wave of reports making the Internet rounds on Friday (March 7th), Tool has not finished recording its fifth studio album. The band issued a statement to Rolling Stone explaining that a misunderstanding between guitarist Adam Jones and a fan led to widespread reports that the group had completed the record and was releasing it this year.

The statement read, "Last night, Adam Jones, in a private conversation with fans attending the Portland Tool concert, joked that the band's new album was not only finished but coming out the next day. Unfortunately, his off-the-cuff joke was taken out of context. Work on the forthcoming album is ongoing and as soon as it is done, trust me, we will be the first to let everyone know."

  • Jones also posted a message on Twitter that said, "FYI, 'The record's done and it's coming out tomorrow' is what I said yesterday, followed by 'just kidding. . . '"
  • Tool has not released a new album since 2006. Frontman Maynard James Keenan told Rolling Stone last year that making a new record was a "very tedious process," adding, "I wait for them to bring music to me. They tend to go back over and over stuff. It's a long process."
  • The band did kick off a short North American tour last week that pulls into San Francisco on Tuesday (March 11th) for a two-night stand and ends in Phoenix on March 27th.

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