Want To Survive Wedding Season? Here's How...

by Buzz Rock Girl Jami l Friday, April 19th, 2013


You may attend 1 wedding this year or you may attend 5... Either way, no matter to what degree - there's a part of you that deep down doesn't want to go. You're dreading the blissfulness of the Bride & Groom and maybe are anticipating on sending them on their merry way and getting the hell out of there yourself! Until you do...here's how to cope.


Smuggle your booze in bridesmaid style. (Coping mechanism.)




Have to give a toast? No worries... There's always Mad Lib for that!



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Avoid the drunk tank with this app. (Breathalyzer)


Think you know how to dance? You can always revert back to the Harlem Shake - worst case.


Combat a hangover with these cures.