'Whiskey in the Jar' Live for the First Time in Five Years

By Hayley St. John | Monday, April 7, 2014

Video/Screenshot: MetallicaTV Youtube

And check out that crowd! Pourin' down rain and not a single umbrella in sight. Great stuff right there.


Music News provided by Pulse

Metallica played its cover of the traditional Irish folk song "Whiskey In The Jar" for the first time in five years on March 22nd in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and the band's official YouTube channel has uploaded footage of the performance. Also included is a "very wet" performance of "Battery." Metallica recorded a studio version of "Whiskey In The Jar" for its 1999 covers collection Garage Inc. but last aired the song live in 2009.

    • "Whiskey In The Jar" was first made popular to modern audiences by Thin Lizzy's version in the mid-'70s.
  • Metallica just completed its South American tour on March 30th, with the band playing "all-request" shows and a new song called "The Lords Of Summer" at every stop.
  • The Metallica By Request tour will hit Europe this summer, with a single North American date confirmed in Montreal.
  • Metallica has supposedly been working on music for its 10th studio album, although drummer Lars Ulrich said in a recent interview that the band might not get into the studio until 2015.