Woman Arrested for Calling Her Ex 77,000 Times in a Week

By Hayley St. John | Wednesday, July 3, 2014


Well actually, make that 77,639 calls...1,937 emails...41,229 text messages...217 sung messages...and 647 letters in the same setting. For what? Her ex-husband? Nope. Ex-boyfriend. Of three weeks.

This woman from Albuquerque has supposedly had a history of obsessive compulsive behavior, although I have no idea where they came up with that idea. For a week straight and 24 hours a day, she used three diferent phones to call her boyfriend at home and at work, and remained awake that entire time while inhaling a large amount of energy drinks. Yeah..."energy drinks."

He must've been a hell of a dude to be worth that much effort. Or she's just an old-fashion crazy ex-girlfriend.

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