Woman finds rare video game in Goodwill worth $15,000.

By Chad Barron | April 17, 2013

Nashville's Rock Station-Stadium Events

A North Carolina woman recently picked up a copy of the very rare, old skool, 1987 Nintendo Game “Stadium Events” for $7.99 at her local Goodwill store.  The game, complete with box and instructions, is worth about $15,000 and that’s only because it had been opened. 

I believe that can be legitimately called and epic win.  Still, not as big of a win as the copy of “Stadium Events” that sold on E-Bay for $41,300 back in 2010. 

Modern day treasure hunting is what it is.  I believe that there is enough “retro item” money out there for you to quit your day job and go Indiana Jonesing back into the 80’s.  Yup, time to get a brown fedora, and put in your two weeks notice.  In the great words of Rob Schneider “You can do it!”